Type Category Remarks
Battery Chargers CTEK MASHIN Multi Charger Various Types of Battery Chargers & Multi Chargers with Testing Ports, Continuous DC Supply Mode  & USB Charging ports.
Alternators Daewoo Ford Hino Hyundai Isuzu Kia Komatsu Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Other Brand Others Toyota Yanmar All alternators are of OE grade & Brand New.
Starters Caterpillar Daewoo Daihatsu Deutz Ford Hino Isuzu Kia Komatsu Kubota Mazda Mercedes Benz Mitsubishi Mitsui-Deutz Nissan Others, Bosch, Valeo, Perkins Others, Kubota, Bobcat Perkins Toyota Yanmar All starters are of OE grade & Brand New. We can also develop on request base on a small quantity. Please email for more technical details & pictures.
Lights Halogen & Hyper Silver Bulbs HandHeld Spot Lights HID Bulbs High Intensity Discharge System HIR - Halogen Infrared Reflective Film Bulbs LED Bar Light & LED Spot & Wide Work Lights LEDs Cabin Dome Lights LEDs Day Running Lights LEDs Flashing Beacon, LED Strip & Signal/Stop Bulbs MML Series Utility Work Lights
A new Platform of Mass Market LED Utility Work Light, our very own MML Series. Highly versatile in applications with various multi-essential functions to a achieve a perfect lighting solution for every user.

A new Platform of LED Cabin Dome light - Strictly Plug & Play Super efficient SMD5450 Leds 20 lumens per Led.

LED Bar Lights & LED Work Light. First in the World brighter than HIDs. Super energy efficient Leds bulbs & 3mm Strips in various colors - Red, Amber, White & Sky Blue. Strobe LED T10.

Day Running Lights - DRLs High Power Leds

High Intensity Discharge System Technology creates 3 times higher luminous light than halogen. Using only 35watt to produce brilliant daylight like white light, 3 times more powerful than any current Halogen systems in the market.

HIR - Halogen Infrared Reflective coat Bulb Type.
HID - High Intensity Discharge Bulbs Type.

Also know as Hunting Lights in 3 versions HID, Halogen & Halogen Portable.
Lights beam are manually adjustable.
Starter Relays Relays Various type of Relays - Starters relays, Lights Relays, Block Relays & Power Relays. All are of OE grade & Brand New.
Solenoids, Pumps & Buzzer Engine Stop Soleniods Soleniods , Pumps & Buzzer 6 volts to 36 volts in 1 Buzzer, no need to stock various voltages or run out ofstock on any particular voltage.

Engine Stop-Solenoid.
Terminal Chart Diagrams The terminals type of alternators & relays.
CTEK Battery Chargers CTEK Asia CTEK S.E Asia CTEK Malaysia CTEK Indonesia CTEK Philippine CTEK China CTEK Thai CTEK - The Smartest Battery Chargers in the World. 8 Steps to a Perfect Battery - 1.Desulphation 2.Soft Start 3.Bulk 4.Absorption 5.Analysis 6.Reconditioning 7.Float 8.Pulse